Flight of the Extruder 2: Into the Thingiverse

Shortly after my last post I toured the Thingiverse and found a few game accessories in the vein of augmenting table games with items other than new minis. Thingiverse is just what it sounds like, a universe of things – things that were designed by other folks and the plans for which can be downloaded for printing. Some seem to require more work than others. Here’s a few examples.

Dice Tray – Simple But Effective

Printed Dice Tray

I’m a notorious dice flinger. Despite my best intentions I end up throwing dice at the floor at least once a night. Keep your own resident ham fisted die roller in check with this simple tray. There is a good chance the dice in the example shot are printed by a Makerbot as well.

Card Trays – Keep that Stack in Track

Card Trays

I spend a considerable amount of time in any game of Dominion trying to keep the damned card stacks in order. Now if only we could eliminate all the card shuffling (there’s always Quarriors of course).

Snap On, Snap Off

Carcasonne Grid

I have yet to play Carcassonne, but I have played other games like Alhambra where late game you suddenly need all of your tiles to be about six inches further away from the edge of the table. There’s also that same pesky anal retentiveness that makes me order cards that wants so badly for all those tiles to stay in place.

Paper or Plastic?

Carcasonne Tiles

Also for Carcassonne is a completely new set of three dimensional tiles complete with interlocking sides that are designed only to attach to other pieces that allowed by the rules of play. Components like these make what already looks to be a good game even more fun to play.

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